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The Magic of Mandalas Workshops and On-Going Classes

Unleash your inner creative powers through the magic of Mandalas. The word Mandala means circle, the universal symbol of the cycles of life, of our connectedness to nature, to each other and to the divine – of the unity of body, mind and spirit – wholeness, continuity, infinity and transformation. In these workshops and classes we create mandalas to ...

  • Introduction to Mandalas

    View a beautiful and informative visual presentation on the world of circles, explore some significant circles in your own life and create mandala images based on those discoveries.


  • Mandalas: Circles of Life™

    Create a unique, very personal, and meaningful wall hanging, pages for a book, or focal piece for another project in a circular arrangement. Represent your family circle, your circle of friends, a memorial or tribute to a loved one, or a statement of your personal beliefs, dreams and visions.

    Your unique creation may be realistic, symbolic, abstract, or a combination using your favorite art materials or fabrics and ornamentation.

    Mixed-Media* or Fabric *

  • Mandalas: Expressions of Transition and Transformation™

    Create a Mandala as a symbol of one of the many physical, emotional and spiritual transitions you have made throughout your life. Represent an experience that resulted in a major change in your thinking, working, or way of seeing yourself (i.e. marriage, childbirth, moving, divorce, a new job, the death of a loved one, retirement.)

    The result may be realistic (using photos or drawings); symbolic (i.e. butterflies, mermaids, water, fire, changing seasons, etc.); abstract; or a combination. Representational or fanciful, your unique creation may take the form of wall hangings, pages for a book, or focal pieces for larger projects.

    Fabric* or Mixed-Media*

  • Advanced Mandalas: Exploring Symbolic Meanings in Your Mandalas

    Discover the Healing Power of Mandalas. In this ongoing class, we will be making mandalas, writing, singing, even dancing and referencing the works of Dr. Carl G. Jung, Joan Kellogg, Susanne Fincher and others.

    By becoming aware of the implications of the colors, numbers, images, designs we use in our work, great insight can be gained and personal growth can occur.

    Mixed Media*

SoulCollege® Workshops and Classes

SoulCollage® is an intuitive art experience using magazine images to create small collage cards that speak from our subconscious and reveal inspirational, and often surprising, gifts of insight from our inner wisdom. These personal card messages provide a means of self exploration that can help us get in touch with and release emotions we may not be consciously aware of, to help us cope during times of transition,
and to discover...
What matters most to us,
What steps we need to take next to live a more fulfilling life,
What stands in the way of our contentment and happiness,
How to listen to our wise inner voice and connect with the Higher Power in whatever form is meaningful to us.
Best of all It's fun and you don't have to have any art experience to enjoy these workshops and classes.

Therapeutic Art Workshops and Classes

Therapeutic Art activities are fun ways to explore our feelings and promote well being and healing. They can help us better deal with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief and other emotions and challenging life experiences.
Such activities may include...

Creating a Vision Board
Painting or drawing our moods and feelings
Writing affirmations and love letters to ourselves
Face painting
Mask making
Puppet play
Making an emotion wheel
Drawing Zentangles
Creating Mandalas
Creating SoulCollage® Cards
Writing a poem or creating an alter as a memorial for a loved one
Painting or collaging a self-portrait
Writing stories or poems as if speaking in the voice of imaginary characters
Dancing free form to uplifting music
Making a journal of images and meaningful poems or sayings
Writing a letter (which may or may not be sent) that expresses our feelings
Making a file of uplifting images to look at when feeling low
Marching, stomping, swaying, twirling to music of different tempos


Mixed Media

*The mixed-media art workshops and classes use all kinds of art materials – pencils, pens, crayons, markers, magazine images and words, watercolor paints, fabric, trims, glue, glitter, found objects and anything else we can think of – to express an idea, a feeling, a mood, to create an abstract, realistic or symbolic image on paper or posterboard.

Fabric Art

*In the fabric art workshops and classes, pieces of different fabrics and embellishments are taken out of context and changed, adapted, and/or arranged around a new theme or abstract design. Most often, fusible appliqué is used to assemble the projects.

The new products and techniques involved in fusing make the world of fabric art available to everyone, not just those comfortable with sewing and quilting. You will spend most of the time PLAYING with fabrics, designing, cutting, fusing and embellishing. No sewing is necessary.