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    and Self Awareness
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All of these SoulCollage® Classes and Workshops are also offered as Individual Sessions.

SoulCollage® Workshops, Classes, and Individual Sessions

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SoulCollage® is an intuitive art experience using images to create small SoulCollage® cards that speak from our subconscious and reveal inspirational, and often surprising, gifts of insight from our inner wisdom. Learn more about what SoulCollage® is. These personal card messages provide a means of self-exploration that can help us get in touch with and release emotions we may not be consciously aware of, to help us cope during times of transition,
and to discover...

  • What matters most to us;
  • What steps we need to take next to live a more fulfilling life;
  • What stands in the way of our contentment and happiness;
  • How to listen to our wise inner voice and connect with the Higher Power in whatever form is meaningful to us;
  • Best of all It's fun and you don't have to have any art experience to enjoy these workshops and classes. All supplies will be provided.

View SoulCollage Examples

Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop

Explore the SoulCollage® process by choosing family photos, drawings, images and backgrounds that you are drawn to, and arranging them on 5x8 cards to create collages. Then learn how to interpret the messages your cards have for you in a safe and encouraging environment. There is no right or wrong way to make a SoulCollage®. Just have fun and allow the possibilities to unfold.

A Personal Journey

In this SoulCollage® session, we use images that we are drawn to, to discover the inner voices, the parts of our personality that we identify as ourselves: what brings us joy, what we fear, what we hide, what we love, what we feel inside, but may not show (positive and negative.) As we create our story, we might discover the dancer, music lover, curious child, angry parent, critic, rebel, nature lover, dreamer, procrastinator, perfectionist, etc. We may find some of the many parts inside us that determine who we are, and how and why we think and act as we do, and hear the messages they have for us to help us live more creatively and successfully.

Our Community - Past and Present

An important part of self-knowledge and healing is recognizing the importance of the individuals and groups that have made a difference in our lives and still are influencing our patterns of thought and actions. For these SoulCollages,® we will choose images of family members, friends, social and spiritual groups, heroes, ancestors, healers, teachers, adversaries, pets who have helped or challenged us to become who we are today.

Companion Animal Messengers

Animals can serve as messengers or teachers to guide, comfort, and inspire us and can help us get in touch with parts of ourselves that need attention. They can be reflections of who we are or might become, and the wild or domesticated animal images we choose for these SoulCollage® cards, the Chakra Animals, Animal Totems, or Animal Spirit Guides, that resonate with us, may have meaningful messages for us.

Invisible Helpers - Archetypes and Spiritual Guides

Archetypes are symbolic representations of basic human motivations and behavioral patterns which help direct, guide and inform our thoughts and actions. We find them in the myths and fairy tales of all cultures. Our personal archetypes (and archetype shadows) might include the Hero, Innocent, Fool, Magician, Wise Sage, Trickster, Explorer, Wounded Healer, Warrior, Victim, Creator, Mentor, Caregiver, Lover, etc. and also Religious or Spiritual Beings that reflect our understanding of the Divine: Angels, Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Ganesha, Shiva, Kali, Spirit Guides, Natural Elements, etc. The images we choose for these SoulCollage® cards are representative of the energy of some of the invisible influences that have been and are active in our consciousness and have been guiding forces (positive and negative) in our lives.

Monthly SoulCollage® Gathering

Continue your self-discovery journey by coming together with like-minded friends who enjoy making SoulCollage® Cards in the sacred intimacy of this small group. All supplies will be provided. Contact Gail for details.