• "Gail is a magician with colors, shapes and materials.

    She creates fantastic worlds with her art"

  • "Gail's art tells stories of love

    and devotion of a lifetime"

  • "Students love her easy nature

    and great sense of fun and play"

  • "Gail's calm and affirming spirit creates a

    safe, peaceful environment for learning"

ail Blate is a North Carolina artist and teacher. She holds a BA in Art Education and an MS in Special Education. Having taught art to blind children, she brings a unique way of seeing to her art and classes, inspiring her students to look beyond their usual fields of vision. Her completion of the SoulCollage® Facilitator Certification with Catherine Anderson and the Mandala: Holistic Reflection of the Self Certificate Program with Susanne Fincher have added new insights and dimensions to her own work and her workshops and classes.

For several decades Gail also taught physical, emotional and spiritual self-health techniques and practices for the natural health organization, The G-Jo Institute.

One of her greatest joys comes from helping others develop the confidence to reach beyond their inhibitions and perceived limitations to discover their own inner creativity and inhance their intuition. Her heartful, flexible teaching style creates a class atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and stimulation.

ail’s talents go beyond teaching. Her passionate explorations of watercolor painting, stained glass work, fabric design (batik, silk-screen, fabric painting, and quilting), Mandalas and SoulCollage® provide a wealth of resources to share with her students and friends.



  • Gail has a wonderful way of nudging her students

    to tap into their creativity. Her gentle, encouraging teaching style enables her students to explore the use of color, design principles and techniques to create their own works of art.

    Gail's calm and affirming spirit creates a safe, peaceful environment for learning. Beyond her training and experience as a teacher, she has the heart of a teacher.
    Luanne Blankenship,
  • Gail has a courageous heart and a trusting spirit.

    She has devoted her life to beliefs that are centered in love, hope, faith, trust, wholeness and health, to name only a few.

    She inspires me and the many lives she has touched, just by "being". Add to that her remarkable talent with any medium that her heart and hands touch.

    Gail's art tells stories of love and devotion of a lifetime. Her willingness to share her many gifts with everyone is wonderful. Her talents are boundless.
    Dawn Denise,
  • Gail is a great teacher!

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being in the company of someone who doesn't think that I'm crazy because I see my quilts in my dreams - in full color - or when I sometimes say my quilts won't allow me to execute my pre-planned ideas with them : ).

    Gail is a great teacher! When I was involved in teacher training, I always stressed the point that good teachers are not just imparters of knowledge, they are facilitators of learning.

    It was particularly gratifying to see the work of students who thought that they "couldn't do some things" but in Gail's workshops they actually were able to. Gail is definitely a facilitator of learning.
    Marlene O'Bryant-Seabrook, Ph.D. Educator, Lecturer, Fiber Artist,
  • I've never seen more gorgeous wall hangings

    Gail is a magician with colors, shapes, materials, creating fantastic worlds with her art.
    Marcie Kelly,
  • Gail is a wonderful teacher with so much inspiration!

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.
    Anne Duncan,
  • "I finally got out of my box with your help

    You loosened me from my structured brain to someone that is free to design. Now ideas just keep flowing infinitely.
    Margaret Freedman,
  • Gail is a delightful teacher with much to offer

    I had the fortune to be in charge of teachers at the annual fall retreat for the Quilters of South Carolina. QSC hosts close to 300 quilters from around the state for a weekend of fellowship and quilting. Up to 30 different classes are offered over the weekend, from 3 hours to 12 hours in duration.

    Gail has taught at the QSC retreat for a number of years, offering different classes with the common thread of individual creativity. All of her classes are entertaining, easy to follow, and certain to end up with a completed project.

    As the chair for these events, I had the privilege of reading the student evaluations. Gail's students love her easy nature, supportive suggestions, and great sense of fun and play.
    Diana Pickens,