• SoulCollage® Enhances

    Intuition - Creativity - Self Knowledge

  • It is a Safe and Sacred Space

    for Exploration and Healing

  • SoulCollage® Connects us to the Source

    of Our Inner Wisdom

  • And to Our Sense of

    Spontaneity and Play.

What is SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is an intuitive, creative process that uses images to which we are drawn to help us get in touch with what Carl Jung called the “cosmic unsconscious,” the knowledge that is beyond our individual logic and reason, the connection we have on our soul level to a Higher Wisdom.  A fun art activity, but also an important tool for self-exploration, healing and emotional well-being, the SoulCollage® process was developed by Seema Frost, a Marriage and Family Therapist, combining her love of spirituality, psychotherapy and creativity.

To make our SoulCollage®, we choose images from drawings, family photos or from magazines or books and collage (paste) them onto 5″x 8″ cards in a very intuitive, imaginative way. Then in the safe and encouraging circle of SoulCollage®, the messages that the card holds for us may be revealed. When we switch positions and “become the image” in our imagination, we speak the words that the image wants to tell us from our subconscious, by saying “I am one who…” For instance if your main image is an owl, instead of describing the owl, which doesn’t give us any insight into our feelings or why he was chosen, we can role play as the owl. He might be saying “I am one who is wise and sees the smallest details,” and he might be suggesting that some details need attention, or that attention to detail is our strong suit. Or he may have even more to tell us, and additional information may also be found in the less prominent images in the collage, so the more the card “speaks,” the better.

Thus deeper meaning or understanding can be discovered through SoulCollage® that may shed light on lesser known parts of ourselves, parts we love and are proud of, or parts we may not wish to acknowledge about our personality. Our SoulCollage® cards might have messages from those who have helped or challenged us to become who we are, the circles of people we associate with, our religious and social communities, our family members or ancestors. We might receive guidance from our spirit animals, or from the archetypes and spiritual guides that represent basic human motivations and behavioral patterns, positive or not so much, the unseen influences that have been guiding forces in our lives, to  direct our thoughts and actions.

A collection, or deck, of the SoulCollage® cards that we make from the images we choose which hold special meaning for us, may also be “read” later when we need answers to questions requiring insight from our intuitive connection to our Higher Power, in whatever form is meaningful to us.

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